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The environment is under threat and Innu Science is providing innovative solutions to protect the environment through Biotechnology

The Innu Science approach is to provide cleaning solutions that address the 4 Ps – namely:

  • People - Our products are People Friendly and are non toxic
  • Planet – We enhance the environment through the use of “Good Bacteria” and we replace toxic chemicals with Biotechnology that is Full of Life. Our products do not harm animals, aquatic life or plant life.
  • Performance – because we use “Good Bacteria”, Enzymes, and Surfactants, our products perform remarkably and continue to clean after the mechanical cleaning action
  • Profit – The products are highly concentrated and when used are diluted up to 400:1 depending on the application. This means less storage and less product that results in cost savings. The increase performance also reduces the labour component. Because all the products are non-toxic and people friendly the employees and users are healthier which ultimately results in lower costs.