About the Bothongo Group

The Bothongo Group is a Commercial and Residential property development company which also owns and operates a number innovative subsidiaries. These businesses provide solutions and services within the Hospitality, Leisure, Agricultural, Information Technology, Construction and Aviation industries. The Bothongo Group’s focus is Business Innovation, Sustainability, Community Upliftment and Environmental protection. A central theme for the Bothongo Group is delivering a rewarding customer experience that exceeds expectations.

The current Executive Body continues to expand, and diversify the Bothongo Group into other industries.

The Bothongo subsidiaries include:

  • Biotechnology - Innu Science environmental cleaning products that are Full of Life
  • Information Technology – Tecovation , technology for Business Innovation
  • Multi-Property Auction Events and Stand-Alone Auctions Auction Exchange/ Commercial Exchange
  • Bothongo Agriculture – Livestock Farming to ensure organic food sustainability
  • Contract Furniture -  Sino Source Global a superior range of office, hospitality, indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Events & Décor - Olga’s Elite which is an exquisite Events & Décor company
  • Aviation - Bothongo Group Aviation which operates and charters a Bombardier Challenger  601 jet.